Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G


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Condition: Very Good
Colour: Purple
Memory: 128GB

The S21+ comes with impressive specifications such as a triple camera setup and a powerful processor. The battery lasts all day on one charge.

Large and bright display

The display of this phone is 6.7 inches. Thanks to the high resolution and AMOLED technology, images appear sharp and vivid. The phone has thin and flat bezels, so the entire front is used as a screen.

It uses a technology called adaptive refresh rate. The maximum refresh rate is 120Hz, and this is only turned on when it is actually needed, like in some games. If you have an app open that doesn't support an increased refresh rate, it will switch back to 60Hz to reduce battery drain.

A total of four cameras

On the back, the S21+ is equipped with three lenses. The ultra-wide angle lens captures a wider viewing angle, useful for landscapes or groups of people. The telephoto lens zooms in up to three times. On the front, the camera is in the display, in a notch at the top of the screen.

Powerful performance

The S21+ is equipped with the Exynos 2100 processor. This was developed by Samsung itself and ensures fast performances, so that you can run heavy apps without any problems. The RAM is 8GB, so multitasking is no problem.

Battery of 4800mAh

With a capacity of 4800mAh, the battery has enough power to get you through the day without charging in between. Charging can be done with a capacity up to 25W. Chargers with less power are also an option, but charging will then take a bit longer.

Contents of the box

The S21 series does not come with a charger, only a cable. It is possible to use the adapter from your previous phone, or you can buy one separately. Also, you will no longer be getting earbuds with it, because Samsung assumes that you already have them.