Samsung Galaxy Buds2


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Colour: Green

Immersive sound you’ll love

The 2-way dynamic speaker system, with a tweeter and a woofer, gives Galaxy Buds2 some serious power. Brilliant bass, and clear high notes, so you’ll get the best out of everything from your favourite R&B album to sassy pop hits. Machine-based learning helps cancel out annoying background noise, like traffic or building site drills, and the advanced 3-mic system makes your voice crystal clear. So you get the best quality call with true wireless earbuds.

Tune in, tune out

Are you looking to lose yourself in the music, or enjoy your morning podcast while keeping an ear out for travel updates? Whatever way you love to listen, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 has the perfect setting. Two mics detect the ambient noise around you and then technology takes over to minimise interruption. Immerse yourself in your favourite music and podcasts with Active Noise Cancelling. Or, if you want to hear more of what’s going on around you, Ambient Sound has 3 modes to suit your needs – so you can let the sound in without taking out your earbuds. The super low latency means you’ll hear things when they happen, so you don’t miss important bits.

Power through podcasts and playlists

Stay connected and tuned in to your favourite songs, podcasts, and videos with up to 20 hours of playtime and seamless switching between Galaxy devices. That means you can move from your phone’s commuting playlist, to the latest YouTube videos on your tablet, and the sound will swap over seamlessly. Plus, if you’ve got your Galaxy Watch4 Series handy, you can control Active Noise Cancelling settings and check your battery all on your wrist. And if one of your wireless earbuds has gone walkabout, SmartThings Find will help you track them down - even if you left it on the bus. So your ears won’t be lonely for long.

Small design, mighty sound

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 keep you tuned into the sound and totally comfortable all day. Galaxy Buds2 includes 3 different-sized soft silicone tips in the box, so the fit is customisable, snug, and even enhances Noise Cancelling. Once you’ve found your fit, you’re in for an epic sound experience. Available in four colours - Graphite, Lavender, Olive, White - you’ll find the perfect pair to showcase your style while you immerse yourself in amazing sound.