At Mint+, we only stock the best quality Pre-owned Smartphones and iPhones. Mint+ Pre-owned Phones are second hand, Pre-owned iPhones and Smartphones in excellent working condition. At Mint+ we stock Premium and Value Pre-owned iPhones and Smartphones. Mint+ Premium Pre-owned Phones are grade A, pristinely refurbished phones that are guaranteed to look and work like brand new phones. Mint+ Value Pre-owned Phones, are Pre-owned phones that have been tested to ensure they work like new however they may have some signs of previous use such as minor exterior scratches.

Mint+ Premium Pre-owned iPhones and Smartphones

  • Mint+ Premium iPhones and Smartphones are in like new quality, fully refurbished and include 1 year warranty
  • Mint+ phones are refurbished by trained and certified experts using manufacturer guaranteed parts through our 30 point refurbishment process
  • All Mint+ phones are guaranteed to last, however our phones include a 1 year product warranty to ensure your peace of mind
  • Mint+ Premium phones include 14 day DOA, so if you're unsure about buying a refurbished phone you can buy a Mint+ Premium iPhone or Smartphone and return it within 14 days of ordering
  • Every Mint+ Premium Pre-owned Phone includes; Apple® Genuine Cable & Plug, SIM Pin,Certified Card and a Service Leaflet

Mint+ Value Pre-owned iPhones and Smartphones

  • Mint+ Value iPhones and Smartphones are a great range of recent iPhones and Smartphones for less, including iPhone X, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S6 and many more
  • Mint+ Value phones look a little bit more loved but are still in excellent working condition, are battery cycle tested, data wiped and fully inspected to ensure all Value phones have excellent functionality
  • Mint+ Value phones might have superficial scratches on the back, sides and screen
  • Mint+ is committed to reducing waste and as 70% of households already have a USB charger, we have decided not to include a USB charger with our Value range
  • All Mint+ Value iPhones and Smartphones are unlocked, contract free and include a one-year warranty
  • Every Mint+ Value Pre-owned Phone includes, SIM Pin,Certified Card and Service Leaflet

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